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Some Definitions Jan 2

When I started teaching myself to program, I got stuck on questions like “what exactly is a terminal? What is it the terminus of?”, or “what is the difference between a console and the command line and a shell?” This makes progress difficult when a...

Confession Time Jan 1

This quote sums up how I see GUIs once I began interacting with computers through the command line.

“… I was committed to the idea that what we were doing with computers was making languages that were better than natural languages for procedural thought...

Weaponized Blogging With Middleman Dec 29

What is this?

I built this site to act as a multi-pronged offense to get back into coding. This blog is weaponized and It’s designed to kick me in the ass on multiple fronts. I’m here to code more, write more, design more, and think more.

I really...